Revelista goes chique

Revelista goes chique

♥ Hi lovelies! It’s Friday, yay. Today I’m sharing a poshy and chique look with you,
“casue’ed” it off with a shiny jacket: Revelista goes chique! ♥

Revelista is shining, but Lady Sun isn’t showing herself that often yet. When she does, you’ll see all the Dutch people walking in clothes as if it’s 30 degrees. When I’m typing this article, the weather is a-ma-zing. Shooting the pictures a la “Revelista goes chique” (for “Ivy Revel’), it wasn’t.. oh well, everything for the photo’s haha.


Sunny days like these makes me want to wear all my new clothing. wearing my shades non-stop, eating an icecream now and then [the Dutch store ‘Aldi’ is coming up with Gin-Tonic icecream this Summer! YUM], wearing the color white [seen my new white bag yet?] nonstop and working out.


Everyone seems to be working out, since I see new people in flashy workout-clothes at the other side of the water where I live. Usually they quit after a week, but at least they tried! I’m so into kickboxing lately, but also using the equipment in the gym, I find fun. A few days ago I randomly met with someone working out there and we decided to work out together #yolo.

What I’m wearing today as Revelista is:\

Jacket | Ivy Revel
Dress | Zalando
Shoes | Dolcis
Hat | Ecuadino Hats
Shades | Rubz

A white gown with gorgeous details on the top and back, topped off with a shiny Ivy Revel jacket, white hat from EcuadinoHats and heels from Dolcis. I put my hair to the back, to bring the focus on the outfit. I already got a lot of compliments and comments about the outfit. (If you were one of them: thank you!) It’s probably not something I would wear to college or work, but I’d wear it to a fancy event, dinner or party. How about you?

I’ll show you more clothing from ‘Ivyrevel’ soon! I really love this brand and you’ll get
20% off with code “goldapple20”


& because it’s almost Mother’s Day, here a little ode to you mom:

Thanks for always being there when I need you, the many things you’ve done and do for me, for staying up when you know I’ll come home late. For helping me, understanding, listening, giving me advice and peptalks. Being an inspiration, helpful, and for being a powerful woman who stands up for herself. For always being proud, reading my blogs, and all the other things. Love you mommy, to the moon and back <3

What do you think of my Revelista outfit? What’s your favourite Summer outfit at the moment? XO 

Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique Revelista goes chique

© Photography by Camema


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