Shops in Barcelona are great

Shops in Barcelona are great

Shops in Barcelona are great

Shops in Barcelona are great. I’ve been visiting Lynn Quanjel ‘whos that blonde’ in Barcelona and we’ve had a super fun time!

If you’re following me on my Social Media, you probably know I’ve been to Barcelona to visit my friend! We’ve had so much fun visiting all the wonderful shops and doing all kind of fun stuff. I’ve been back for just a few days now and I can’t wait to tell you all about it….

I’ve been traveling alone by Airplane, but you can also travel by train. Normally I fly from Amsterdam Airport, but this time from Rotterdam Airport, which was much more relaxed! When I arrived in Barcelona, Lynn and her boyfriend were already waiting for me and we started by shooting some pictures right away. Bloggers… 🙂

In the evening we decided to put on a nice dress to go out, time to celebrate this trip and have some fun! You can go to so many different clubs in Barcelona; whether you go chique, hiphop/r&b, or salsa.

Talking about salsa:

We also went to a salsa-night. A few things about that: there’s an etiquette, that when men ask you to dance, you have to dance with them. Of course you can if you really don’t want to, I don’t know if anyone sticks to it, but I did. So… make sure to make eye-contact with any cute guy you can find, or someone you’d like to dance with. If you know the basics of salsa well, be fierce and ask someone yourself. Or… just say your feet suddenly start to hurt really bad, also an option if you don’t like the guy.

Shops in Barcelona are great

Shops in Barcelona:

Passeig de Gràcia is a street with the most expensive and chique shops in Barcelona.
Don’t think “a street” as a small street, it’s huge with lots and lots of shops. We visited some amazing shops like Gucci, Prada, BVLGARI, and of course Chanel.

We’ve also been to Las Ramblas (1200 metres long) a nice boulevard and to Mare Magnum which is a huge Department Store, where you can find all sorts of shops like Mango for example And… there you can even go to the Cinema if you like! You might think brandstores in Barcelona are the same as in your country but they’re not. They have a much bigger collection and usually other different items too! So just go in and take a look, you might find something unique 🙂
Shops in Barcelona are great

Then about the food…

One thing that’s absolutely Spanish is Paella. Try to find the “little” restaurants, because they’re usually the cutest and the best. I always have romantic ideas of little cafés with local people only, and although it was hard to find… I did find them! We in the Netherlands also have “churro’s”, which is something typical Spanish… At least, that is what we’re told. It’s actually not even that popular in Spain, you can get it in malls but there it is quite expensive. It’s actually a not so popular late-night-snack among youngsters. Again: We searched for a less expensive shop and found a specific Churro’s café eventually. Last thing about food: hot chocolate here in the Netherlands means: warmed chocolate milk with whipped cream if you like. But in Spain you get melted chocolate in a cup! Really nice!

Vintage shops:

You guys know I’m a big fan of Vintage shops. One night, we accidentally walked into a vintage store and we found items that looked like they’ve been in movies! From Chanel to unknown brands, they had it all!
Another day we went to another vintage store, which was more about making fun of the crazy hats we saw in the window. But when we walked in we found all sorts of gowns and dresses. Lynn and I tried some of them and I actually found a “little pearl”. A baby-blue plaited dress, with a 70’s feeling: absolutely loved it. I said I’d buy it if it was or less than 20 euros. Guess what? It was 20 euros!So…its mine now.

Photographer Luis Lau:

On the last day, we had a photoshoot with the amazing photographer Luis Lau.
He shot some great pictures of us while we had some fun.

I’ve had an amazing time with Lynn in Barcelona! Can’t wait to see her again!

Special thanks to Luis Lau for the super fun day and making these beautiful pictures!

Shops in Barcelona are great Shops in Barcelona are great   Shops in Barcelona are great Shops in Barcelona are great

Had a wonderful time thanks to the shops in Barcelona and Lynn from ” who is that blonde “


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