Skinny Mint TeaTox Review

In this article I told you about different detox teas I was trying. At that time I didn’t find the right one yet… Until now

Detoxing with Skinny Mint

You’ve probably seen it on Instagram too and I LOVE the results. So I decided to write a Skinny Mint teatox review 🙂
I’ve been teatoxing for 30 days with Skinny Mint TeaTox.
My body doesn’t feel bloated anymore and looks way more tight. I’ve  Combined this lovely teatox with a healthy diet & exercises and seen great results after those 30 days! I’ve been cheating a little bit… and I’ve been sick two times in a short time. That resulted in not doing the teatox every day, so I’ve finished it after a longer amount of time. Fact is I didn’t drink the teatox every day. Nun the less I still see great results. So I think if I’d have drunk it every day the results would have been even better…
who tells?

You can see my belly right here:
Skinny Mint TeaTox Review , lady goldapple

Skinny Mint TeaTox Review

I tried the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox. What you get; 28 Morning Boost Tea Bags (one for every morning) and 14 Night Cleanse Tea bags.
One for every alternate night (starting at Day 1 after your last meal or before your bedtime).
Unlike other teatox-teas, you can drink your Morning Boost Tea before or with your breakfast. Which I think is great (since I like to drink my tea with my breakfast).
After drinking the Morning boost you feel fresh, awake and you can conquer the world!
Leave the tea bag in your cup for about : 4 to 5 minutes, otherwise it will taste bitter.
My main reason to choice this brand is because it contains all natural ingredients that helps you lose unnecessary fat storage.

Skinny Mint TeaTox Review , lady goldapple

Morning Boost’s Ingredients:

>Green Tea (energizing)
>Yerba Mate (curbs appetite, boosts metabolism)
>Nettle Leaves (anti-oxidant, rids constipation)
>Dandelion (digestive)
>Guarana Fruit (Cleansing, Weight Loss)
>Grapefruit Leaves (immunity improving)
>Strawberries (brain food)
>Pineapples (nitrifying)

I think I like the Night Cleanse the most. I’m not sure why, but it tastes really good: the perfect bedtime ritual.
Leave the tea bag in your cup for about: 2 maybe 3 minutes, but not longer.
Otherwise your tea will be too strong and you’ll end up having cramps…

Night Cleanse Tea Ingredients:

>Ginger Root (digestive aid)
>Orange Leaves (smooth skin)
>Lemon Grass (anti-bacterial, pain relief, relaxant)
>Senna Leaves (natural laxative, anti-bloating, weightloss)
>Pepper Mint (anti-bloating)
>Licorice Root (antacid, soothes menstrual cramps)
>Hawthorn Berries (circulation, anti-anxiety)
>Psyllium husk (promotes colon health)

Skinny Mint TeaTox Review lady goldapple

I was a little afraid that I’d end up paying duties, but I didn’t have too. Plus Skinny Mint offers free delivery worldwide!
So if you want to lose that bloated feeling, little belly fat that holds your body from getting a sixpack. As well as your “muffintops”, lose weight or none of them but you just want to try it out because everybody is so excited about it? 🙂
Then I’d say: try it out and see the results for yourself…

Later on

Later on I did the full 28 day TeaTox and saw amazing results. No, it does not make you “shit your brains out.” Yes, it does keep you regular. No, it does not dehydrate you. Not only are you drinking a full glass of water when you drink the tea, but it is common sense to drink water throughout the day regardless of detoxing or not. I kept hydrated and yes I went to the bathroom more, it’s a detox! But I ended my teatox refreshed, less bloated and lighter! #DareToBeGorgeous

If you still have any questions about it after reading my Skinny Mint teatox review :
feel free to ask: contactform here!
Love Charissa ,

Skinny Mint TeaTox Review