Why do you need a smartwatch

Why you need a smartwatch

♥ Why you need a smartwatch
A fashionable watch with smart features. ♥

It’s a watch. We all need one. But a smartwatch is different than the watches you already have, let me tell you that.

I’m talking about this Skagen smartwatch, also known as “Skagen Hagen connected hybrid” , which is connected to your phone. It can buzz you awake while you’re asleep, track your steps, remind you of a new message, you can use it as a remote for taking photos and so on.

This smartwatch really is one you keep looking at. The rose golden details with the blue middle are very pretty and a great combination with the brown leather strap.

Why do you need a smartwatch

So how does it work?

It’s not difficult, you just have to know the steps. There’s no touch-screen and you can’t call with your watch itself. But it has a sub-dial which can be used to switch features. Also, I’ve heard the battery lasts for ages, which is a big plus.

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First you have to install the app, called “Skagen Connected”. You have to fill in a few details and then the synchronizing begins.
You need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and then keep your watch and phone close to each other. Then you keep pushing the button in the middle of your watch, until it pops up on your screen.

He’ll tell you when it’s synchronized and then asks you to update the firmware for the newest features.
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Calibrating your watch! You have to adjust everything like the picture on your phone. Mine was exactly the same as pictured, so I didn’t have to do anything. Easy peasy, I’m telling you.

Why do you need a smartwatch (2)
So your watch can alarm you of notifications on your phone, such as a new message or for example… like on Instagram. Whatever you like. What I did, is linking the most important people to my watch, so I get buzzed when they send me a message. It’s connected to different colors on your watch, so when person A messages you, the hand of the watch will go to that letter and color.  Another thing you can do, is linking your watch to certain features of your phone. By pushing the button on the bottom, you can… take pictures, call your phone (if you lost it, or if you’re with a person you don’t want to be, haha), play music and more.

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To see the date of today, simply push the first button of the watch. Push the button on the middle to switch to different modi. The button on the bottom is the features-part, where you take pictures, play music, etc.

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You can set an alarm, so you don’t have to wake-up the love-bird sleeping next to you. You can set different times, so you can also snooze. It will buzz you awake, until you push one of the buttons on the watch.
Why do you need a smartwatch (2)
It also counts your steps ánd the amount of hours you’ve slept. I want to sleep 8 hours a day, minimal. However last night I slept 7 hours and 24 minutes, so my app says. It also tells you how many hours you’ve slept really deep and which hours you didn’t. A very fun feature, I must say!

Why you need a smartwatch? It has more features than a normal watch, it’s fun to show off (;-)) and it has amazing features. Like tracking your sleep, steps, amount of glasses water you need to drink, buzz you awake, buzz you when your boss is calling and so on.

Do you have your Skagen smartwatch yet?  XO


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