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Social Media – een leven zonder, mogelijk onmogelijk

Hi loves! Een tijdje geleden had ik de opdracht gekregen een “kritisch” artikel te schrijven over Social Media [voor mijn studie Communicatie]. Omdat ik benieuwd ben naar jullie mening, wilde ik hem ook hier delen.
[For ENGLISH see translator <3]

Social Media. Een leven zonder, mogelijk onmogelijk. 

Tegenwoordig ben je een uitzondering wanneer je er niet aan doet. Social Media is de rode draad die door ons leven loopt.


Het wordt overal voor gebruikt. Het is dan ook een fantastisch medium: het werkt snel, je krijgt er informatie door, je kunt er informatie mee verspreiden. Je nichtje uit Amerika is te bereiken met één druk op de Skype knop. Je kunt contacten leggen met mensen uit China door Instagram, op Facebook kan je oma je dagelijks leven bekijken en je vragen wie die leuke jongeman is die zojuist je foto heeft geliked. Het liefst stuurt ze je een privé-bericht, die niet zo privé bleek te zijn, omdat ze deze per ongeluk gewoon op je normale tijdlijn heeft gepost. Het hoort er allemaal bij.


“Er zijn social mediamanagers, Instagramprofessionals, Twitter-deskundigen, Facebook-analisten.”

Als bedrijf hoor je er niet meer bij als je er niet “aan doet”. Mensen kunnen leven van die mooie foto’s die ze op Instagram plaatsen… Social Media is krachtig, groot, geweldig… en invloedrijk.


Want dat is dan juist weer het gevaar. Meisjes van 11 zien andere meisjes met dikke lagen make-up op, zoenende stelletjes, meiden met het “perfecte” lichaam. Er worden schoonheidsidealen geschetst en we worden er constant mee geconfronteerd. Toen ik elf was, was ik nog niet bezig met social media. MSN’en was het toppunt en via een sms’je liet je je vriendinnetjes weten dat je onderweg was naar het schoolplein. Om te knikkeren.


Ik was niet bezig met mooie foto’s plaatsen en likes verzamelen. Was niet bezig met mijn gewicht. Ik was niet bezig met social media. Het speelde toen nog geen rol.”

Een leven zonder social media, mogelijk onmogelijk. Is een leven zonder social media überhaupt nog mogelijk? Stel dat er geen social media meer zou zijn.. Zouden we elkaar dan weer brieven sturen? Foto’s van onze vakantie [budget holidays] uitprinten, in een fotoboek plakken en aan elkaar laten zien op school? Zouden we erop achteruitgaan, er een ingekakt sociaal leven aan overhouden?


social media

Of zouden we er juist op vooruit gaan? Weer volop folders in onze handen gedrukt krijgen. Bij mensen langsgaan om hun verhalen te horen. Ernaar uitkijken om elkaar weer te zien?

Een leven zonder social media is mogelijk. Alles is mogelijk. Maar is het gewenst? Dat is de vraag en het antwoord is aan jou.


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    Since it is part of my job, I can’t live without social media! It’s a crazy world we live in now but, I guess it can’t be helped. I do try to make some time where I don’t use my phone too often, though!

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    Jo @ CutandChicVintage

    That is a really great question – can we live without social media? I, for one am not sure if I can cut myself off from social media completely. As a blogger, it’s been the best medium to promote my work and reach people from around the world I normally wouldn’t have without it. Truth be told though if I wasn’t a blogger I probably would be perfectly content without it. When I’m not working, I do shut off from the social media world and enjoy whatever I’m doing at that moment. I think it’s important to take social media breaks every so often in order to reconnect with the world around us.

    xo, Jo

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    I love social media, but only from one side – creative. I like to see how people express themselves and create something new. I’m a sucker for beautiful pictures also. But I think that it always should be a balance, and some people definitely doesn’t have it at all, that’s why social media can destroy someones psyche with all this likes and followers counts, money and “beautiful life”. I think we all should have enough critical thinking to see what is true and what is not.

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    Ana Vukosavljevic

    I love social media and I definitaley can’t imagine my life without it. But, it’s important to disconnect from time to time. I’m trying not to be on my phone when I’m with my family and friends!

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    Lets say that for us to those who have grown without, now it is certainly a help to connect with the whole world. I don’t know what new generations will do, such as my children, when relationships and ties will be digitized, where will be real feelings and emotions?

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    Gabriela Vera

    Social Media has connected me with new friends that love fashion as much as I do. It’s amazing the opportunities I have had with some great companies too. You look so cute girl.

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    I totally agree with you ! I definitely love social media because it allows me to connect with like minded people such as yourself but I also need to disconnect at times and focus on just family.

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    Open Kloset

    Hey Darling,
    Hows weekend going?
    Agree, social media is important but I love to have breaks and Just be with my family without phone and Social media. we need to find the Balance!
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

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    I really need to try to disconnect from social media more. I always want to, but it being such a big part of my life and career it is so hard. I wish I could!

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    Every weekend I do my best to disconnect from social media. Not too much phones, Insta, and other etc because I really want to connect with my family and my kids. I think that a healthy disconnect is great and relaxing for everywhere.

    xo Sheree

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    Sometimes I feel that we are too dependent on social media. I think it’s a good platform to connect, but in the process we have become too disconnected. I think we need a healthy balance and know that images can be altered super easily. There are pros and cons to everything in life I guess!

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    michenn (@michennblog)

    I think that it’s important to step away from social media at times; to constantly be on it can be bad for you, even physically.
    Like everything, too much of something is not good.

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    I can not at all imagine having social media as a kid. Mobile phones were only around by the time I was in high school. To put it into context, we had online chat groups by the time I was finishing high school but things like Facebook I only joined in 2007, which, was when I was 23. All of this was a foreign concept for me growing up. I could not imagine how difficult it must be to deal with school issues, bullying and building self esteem. For me, I try to keep my social channels as PG as possible, for example I won’t drink or post about alcohol often, knowing I have young impressionable followers. It is important to be honest, real and down to earth. Lord knows I don’t have an 18 year old bikini body nor should I compare myself to another person who has on Insta and get hung up on it!
    There must be so many difficulties to it all as a young person!
    xx Jenelle

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    I would love to see a life without social media again. We’ve all become so desensitized the art of just writing letters or picking up the phone to call someone. And I miss that. Social media also encourages self-esteem issues. Seeing Simone constantly flaunting on your timeline can definitely make you think twice about your image or life. On the other hand, social media is a great advertisement tool and a great way to reach the masses. Everything has its ups and downs!

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    Not sure if life without social media is desirable now, especially since a lot of us rely on it for being our primary sources if income.
    One thing I don’t agree with is kids being on there at such early ages. Go read a book, haha.
    My kids definitely won’t be on there at age 7 like nowadays. There’s much more out there than technology!

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