♥ Spring Bikini Styles advice.The best approach is to know what bikini style is best for you. Not all styles are suitable for every-body…

Spring Bikini Styles for Every-Body

The best approach is first: to know what bikini style is best for you. Not all styles are suitable for every-body. So.. it’s important to know your body and to know what style is best for you and which ones you can better avoid.

There is always a style that is designed made for your body. Whether you’ll have big boobies, a little belly or a firm butt. If you’re not sure which style suits your body the best, just go to a store where they can advise you such as a Hunkemöller store.
I’ve put together this bikini style guide to help you find the perfect fit!

My favorite Spring bikini styles for every body!

♥ Big on Top

You will need all the support you can get! And it still has to be stylish. Look for a top that has a removable neck strap. The top gives full coverage, but keep the bottom cheeky, bright and printed, keeping the complete look playful and flirty.

Roma Bikini – Hunkemöller

Small on Top 

There are a lot of new styles that are especially designed for girls whom are smaller on top. Corset-style tops and edgy cuts look very flattering on girls with smaller busts. Plus, in combination ruched bottoms are extra flattering on bums!

Spring Bikini Styles for Every-Body
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♥ Long and Lean 

If you have a straight long torso, you can have a great look with the new spring styles with high waist cuts and flattering lines. Girls with a short torso can’t wear these bottoms, they’re only adorable on girls with long legs an lean tummies. And while sunbathing you can fold them down so you won’t see a tan line!

Hunkemöller Bikini – Armor

♥ Bit of a Belly

In this time many designers are coming out with incredibly flattering styles for every body type. For girls that are looking to cover their bellies, choose a one piece that accentuates your best features. Try to draw the attention away from your midsection with a print or bold color on top, It will still make you look and feel great and young.

Spring Bikini Styles for Every-Body

Beautiful Booties 

When you have a luxurious bootie, you best find a Brazilian swimwear designer, Don’t try to hide it, flaunt it! Look for a style with ruffled minimal coverage bottoms. It will flatter and accentuate your bootie.

What’s your favorite Spring Bikini Style for your body type?