• Hey Goldies! Today I am testing the new LG Q6 while doing all kind of fun things in Amsterdam.
Is the camera- and video function really that  great? Meeting some pirates. And what’s up with the vegan thing? Read along!  •

The new LG Q6 , yay or nay?

Testing the new LG Q6 in Amsterdam

Previously on… Phone stories So there I was, standing in front of the window from a cute little bakery at Barcelona metrostation. We decided to go “healthy” so we kept it by staring. Walking towards the metro, I was looking for my phone to see where we needed to go. But then… I found out it was stolen. My precious little baby, my photo’s, my contacts; my phone, it was gone.Testing the new LG Q6 in Amsterdam

As soon as I posted about my phone getting stolen, I got a message from LG. Offering me their newest edition, the LG Q6. Of course I didn’t resist and so a few weeks later, there I was.. Sitting in their head office, getting a presentation about the new LG Q6 and eventually… receiving the phone as well.

Because I can’t be enthusiastic about something I’ve never tried out myself, I made a trip to Amsterdam –accompanied by my dear Photographer- and we tried out the new LG Q6, with its full vision edge to edge screen and (as been told) great video and photo camera.

The handy thing about my new phone, is that it’s super easy to unlock: with your face. Once you’ve scanned your face once and saved it, it recognizes you each time you pick up your phone. Another thing, is that it has an edge to edge screen and so you see much more on your screen. Also… I already got some compliments from people, saying they found it a very elegant phone and actually also desired such.

I won’t tell the activities in detail here, because I’ve made a vlog about it. But in brief I will:

As it was afternoon when we left LG, we started the day in Amsterdam by having a vegan lunch. You might have noticed it on my Instagram already, but since a little while I’m trying to eat vegan. After seeing the movie “Okja” (RECOMMEND that one!) I didn’t feel like eating meat anymore. And then I heard more and more people about eating vegan… and I was like: why not just try it out myself? So I’m experimenting with that now.

Vegan lunch it was and while we were sitting in the restaurant, making pictures with my new LG Q6, I saw something staring at me. A vegan Ice cream car. Yup. So you can guess where we headed to next.

Testing the new LG Q6 in Amsterdam

After all the food-activities we went to the first stop in Amsterdam: Adam Lookout. If you’ve seen my vlogs, you can probably remember me laughing about people screaming, while they were in the swing. Well… everything for the #inspirerlife I bought some tickets and we went for a swing ourselves too.

Testing the new LG Q6 in Amsterdam


After that, we had some drinks at the ICEBAR in Amsterdam, you read it right. A bar with ice, of ice. Cold, amazing drinks and a guy who did something really weird and funny. Want to know what? (I can tell you, you do want to know) go to the video and see for yourself!


Some shots I posted on Instagram, using my new LG Q6

What I love about my new LG Q6, definitely is the edge to edge screen, the camera- and video quality. Everything looks super sharp and defined, the colors are very bright, making pictures it sometimes even looks like they’ve been photo shopped (so gorgeous), the selfie-camera is great, the options are endless

So… If you’re curious about the whole day, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, because I’ll post the video very soon….

As it’s a super new edition, I’m sure you’ll also have some questions about it (how to use etc.)
so I’ll cover that in the next article. Stay tuned. XO Charissa


• Written in collaboration with LG