The tattoos are flash tattoos, which stay on your skin for 3 days, then you have to remove them because they won’t look as great any more. How to apply them you can see in the video (click on the link “video” above) How to remove them is still something I have to figure out. With nail remover or make-up remover is an option, but … well, not ideal, so if you have any advice: please share!

The tattoos I wore were from the packages called: Rosa, ARABIAN NIGHTS ROSÉ X Latifa & Maitha Al Maktoum and ARABIAN NIGHTS GOLD & SILVER x Latifa & Maitha Al Maktoum

The reactions I got were super fun, everybody looked at my tattoos and some asked me where I got it done. Ofcourse I told them they were flash tattoos from Think Imaginary and that it’s something really trendy! They all agreed and say they like the fact that you can buy such tattoos and apply them yourself. And that they will stay on you skin for a few days and you can remove them when you want -which is the thing I like about Flash Tattoos too-
Let’s take a look at them on the photos 🙂

Think Imaginary Tattoos
You still see the burn mark from my curling Iron, pffff

Think Imaginary Tattoos At Sissy’s Palace, wearing my beautiful L’Eternel Clutch and Gabor sandals Think Imaginary Tattoos
Don’t wear tattoos when your sunbathing, you’ll keep seeing them after you’ve removed them -you can still see the flower tattoo which I had on in the first photo-

Think Imaginary
On my way to the beach, wearing my new LingaDore jumpsuit 🙂

Think Imaginary
At the Swimming Pool

xxx Charissa