Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

Three Easy Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks

Hi Loves!

You finally have your outfit, but… what to do with your make-up?
No worries! I got it all covered for you and I’ll show you Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks , they’re super easy to make yourself.

Three Easy Makeup Looks

1. Let ‘m jingle

It’s all about sparkles on the eyes. I personally don’t like glitters, because they end up on your whole face except for your eyes, though for the holidays.. I like to make an exception for this first of the Makeup Looks  😉
Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

You could go for a smokey eye in every color you like, but most holiday-outfits are black with a little bit of glitz and glam here and there and it’s all about the sophisticated look. So… I would go for a black or grey smokey eye, finished with some black glitter eyeshadow.

♥ How to make this look?

For the base, you could use any product you like: foundation, daycream, whatever you prefer.
For the eyes, I started with a black winged eyeliner. Then I applied grey on my eyelids, white under my eyebrows and matte black on the right and on the left of my eyes. The space in the middle, I filled in with gold sparkly eyeshadow.
Under my eyes, I applied black eyeliner on the inside of my eyes, black eyeshadow under my lashes and in the corner of my eyes some of the same gold eyeshadow. I finished it off with mascara and lipgloss.

Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

2. 12 o’clock

Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

With beautiful colored lips, everyone suddenly -surprisingly- wants to kiss you at 12 o’clock.
Again, most outfits are.. black, with a shimmer or without, gold, or red. With all of those colors, red lipstick looks great. Or you could go for pink.

♥ How to make this look?

I’ve applied winged eyeliner, mascara only on the lashes on top and… Red lipstick.
I’m starting to love red lipstick the more I wear it, and if you practice a bit, your lips will be.. on point.

Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

3. It’s all about the base face

Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

This look is great when you keep your outfit simple. Go for bright and bold colors: your face is the party !

♥ How to make this look?

I started experimenting with products and ended up using my lipliner as lipliner and eyeliner. It’s all possible! I wanted to make a pink look, so this was the perfect solution. I also applied some pink eyeshadow and finished it off with mascara (top and bottom lashes). For the lips, I’ve used a pink lipliner and pink lipstick.

Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

Here are some tips to make you look even cooler and make you stand out:

♥ For girls who wear glasses:

If you wear glasses, use a colored eyeliner on your lower lash line and black on the top. It makes your eyes really stand out from behind your frames!

Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

♥ Never get lipstick on your teeth after this tip:

After applying lipstick, put your finger in your mouth, close your lips around your finger, and pull it out. This gets rid of excess lipstick and stops it from going on your teeth.

♥ For smooth lips:

Brush your lips with a toothbrush and some Coconut-oil or Vaseline. Do it before you apply your lip color and it will make your lipstick look smoother.

Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

♥ Make your lips look bigger:

Put highlighter on your cupid’s bow and in the center of your bottom lip. It gives more lip definition and makes them look fuller.

♥ Don’t start with your foundation:

Put on foundation AFTER you do your eye makeup. Especially if you’re doing wings. This way, you can erase all your mistakes until it’s perfect! It also allows you to wipe off any eye shadow that fell under your eyes.

That includes my Three Easy Holiday Makeup Looks and tips for you, this year’s holidays!
♥ I hope you’ll get the best and lovable Eve Ever ánd of course the best 2016 imaginable with the use of my Makeup Looks!


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