top model yfke sturm reveals

Topmodel Yfke Sturm reveals

♥ I vlogged again! I went to the launch of three series from FOX NL and interviewed Yfke Sturm where she reveals something.. ♥

Hi lovely ladies en gents! Finally a new video again.. with supermodel Yfke Sturm!

First of all, this article is online a lot later than I wanted it to be and the video was supposed to come online on Wednesday. So what happened? I got sick and still didn’t edit this video.

… Then, I decided I would put it online on Friday, today. Normally, my articles come online at 00:01. But, for some WEIRD reason, I can’t schedule my videos anymore via Youtube. So I had to wait until the next day (today). That’s the story. Now about the video.


FOX NL, Yfke Sturm and Samsoe & Samsoe

I was invited to the launch of three new series from FOX NL: Légion, The Walking Dead and The Band.  The faces of FOX NL are Noah Zeeuw, Jim Bakkum and Yfke Sturm. To be honest, Yfke Sturm has always been a rolmodel for me. As a little girl I always watched “Hollands Next Topmodel” where Yfke presented the show. Also, I bought her book when she published it.


The fun part? I got to interview her! And she reveals something that you need to know. It is in Dutch unfortunately, I hope the translation button works. Otherwise, I’m very sorry. Maybe the video speaks for itself.


Unfortunately the background-noise is quite intense again, so I hope you can still understand bits of it… With headphones on it seems to be better.

The next day, I went to clothing store Samsoe & Samsoe at the Meent in Rotterdam. We got to see three movies from the Rotterdam Film Festival and got entertained by DJ’s, while eating nice bites and sipping cocktails.

You can watch the video below, I hope you enjoy it and I’ll soon be back with another one. If you have any ideas or things you’d like to see a video about: let me know.


♥ Cap | Gucci
♥ Bomber jacket | Samsoe & Samsoe
♥ Shirt | Bienblue
♥ Jeans | Samsoe & Samsoe
Favorite boots atm | Dolcis

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