Hey babes! Today is about a treat meal vs a cheat meal. I’ll tell you how I still continue my “healthy” lifestyle after a treat meal and how you can do too <3

Some people don’t feel like eating much in Summer.

For me, it really depends. But when it’s hot outside, I’m usually craving an icecream. That doesn’t really fit in the healthy eating rhythm, but that’s what this article is about.

You see, a cheatmeal isn’t so bad when you eat healthy and varied the rest of the day. And if you feel like cheating a whole day: also fine. What really helps me, is to think of the time I spent to work it off 😂 Therefore I only eat the less healthy things if I’m totally craving it. That way, it’s more like a ‘treat’-meal instead of cheatmeal and you can fully enjoy it.

When eating something that isn’t super healthy: you know it isn’t. But why feel guilty? By feeling bad about it you’ll only stress more, which results in your body producing more adrenaline (also known as stress hormone) that will storage more fat..

treat meal vs cheat meal

Above you see the best burger in Holland, they won a prize for it so I’m not bluffing. I so enjoyed it, the flavors were amazing.. the perfect treat meal. I don’t wanna know how much calories I ate there, but that’s the thing: you don’t need to know. Just continue your normal lifestyle and your body will throw it out just like that.

Most people make the mistake by dieting after such a thing or by eating super little. You’re body will hold on to it even more, because it’s shocked it’s getting so little nutrition. But if you just continue your normal lifestyle, nothing will happen.
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So in short: treatmeals are totally fine. As long as you really enjoy it and try to eat as balanced and healthy the rest of the time 😉

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Now tell me, what’s your favorite treat meal?

treat meal vs cheat meal