Triangl Brigitte Moondance

Triangl Bikini| Brigitte Moondance

♥ Triangl. Maybe you saw their bikini’s on Instagram before. They’re really popular this year.
Kayla Itsines is a big fan of them, just like Miley Cyrus, who is ambassador of Triangl and Vanessa Hudgens also loves Triangl.

Triangl is an Australian brand, which sells neoprene bikini’s.
The fabric is similar to the fabric where Scuba diving suits are made of.
Before I got approached, I already spotted a lot of other Bloggers and people with the Triangl bikini.
I was pleasantly surprised, when I got a message on Instagram and later an email from them.
I was very lucky, because they’d just renewed their line: more bikini’s to choose from!

Triangl Brigitte Moondance

How does it fit?

The fit is different from other bikini’s. It’s tighter and from what I heard they won’t get looser once you’re in the water.
So: the fit has to be right. I say “From what I heard”, because I didn’t get the chance to go in the water with them myself, yet.
I’d just been on a holiday and afterwards I got this beauty, and didn’t have the time to go the the pool in the meanwhile. But I’m definitely going to the swimming pool this year, even if it’s only to show them off

About the sizing

There’s a live chat on the Triangl Website, with super kind girls who are willing to help you as much as they can. If you tell them your measurements or your normal sizes, or just the way your body is: they can help you. They will tell you what bikini’s look best on you (for example; when you’re dark skinned or pale). I got a size S for the top and a size M for bottoms. The top fits just right, maybe it could’ve been a bit bigger… But then I’m not sure if the cups still fit as right as they do now. The bottom part… also fits right, but same story: it could’ve been a big bitter. I read a review from a Dutch Blogger and she said she took a size bigger. The size however didn’t really change.. only the butt-area became bigger. Therefore I’m happy with the way it fits now.

Triangl Brigitte Moondance

Triangl Bikini: “Brigitte Moondance

The Triangl bikini is super cute and different from any other bikini I’ve ever tried on.
It has blanket stitches + crochet, the bikini is in balconnet style and has adjustable shoulder straps.
The black clasp is not adjustable.

The Bikini Bottom is also blanket stitched with crochet, and the denim colors in combination with these stitches are really working well together. The great advantage is that the bikini dries very quick after swimming. This makes you able to take a quick dip without having to wait hours before your bikini is dry.
I’m in love….

Triangl Brigitte Moondance

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in a comment below.
Have a great triangl Summer loves! (For what there’s left haha)

xxx Charissa


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