singles enjoying valentines day

Singles enjoying Valentines Day + announcing winners Give-away ♥

♥ Valentines Day for Singles + Give-away. What to do on Valentines Day when you’re single? Giving you 7 ideas + giving away something really beautiful  ♥

♥ Valentines Day for Singles ♥

Hi Lovelies!

Valentine’s Day [check these Valentine’s Day gift ideas] [or these last-minute ones] is around the corner and if you’re single… There’s not so much fun about this day. At least, you might think so. First of all: being single isn’t a big deal. Yes, it’s amazing to have found your soulmate, someone you can laugh with, chat with, dance with, have fun with..
But you don’t nééd anyone to make your life complete. If you’re single right now, it’s because you’re strong enough to wait for that special someone. And you know, that special someone is on his (or her) way. He or she is already born so…Just wait for love.

valentines day for singles

Until then… You’re just going to enjoy your fabulous, free and gorgeous you. Plus, I’ll give you some ideas on
what to do on Valentines day.

Valentines day for Singles, what to do?

Go to the movies!

Choose a film and go perhaps with your friend, sis, mom, cousin, or just go alone. Whether this is going to be a bloody murder story or super duper romantic, it’s on you. Oh, and don’t forget the chips or popcorn.

singles enjoying valentines day

Treat yourself on a Spa day. You could do a little spa at home or go to a real spa. Get yourself a massage or manicure and relax… You deserve this treat.

Go out of town!

Just hop on the bus and go to a city. It’s Valentine’s day, so everything will be decorated in the loooove theme. Make pictures for your insta, treat yourself on some delicious hot coco and explore. You might just find that special someone right there. Who knows 😉 .

valentines day for singles

Eat your favorite food

Make it yourself, while playing your favorite music on full volume. Or… go out with your single friends, dress up fancy and enjoy a night full of yumminess and lots of fun. If you’re going to an Asian restaurant: order Sake. Had it for the first time previous week and I loved it. (It’s served warm)

Dress and impress

Put on your sexiest set of lingerie, your most gorgeous dress and some vavavoom lipstick. Go to that awesome bar of club and dance like you’ve never did before.

Buy yourself that one special thing

That super amazing and gorgeous bag you’ve been drooling over for months? Well maybe it’s time to just buy it. Treat yourself today, get it all wrapped up in Valentine’s paper and drool some more at home. It will make you feel on top of the world !

singles enjoying valentines day

valentines day for singles

♥ Spread the love

Do something good for someone else. Say hi to everyone you meet, start a conversation with a random person… Spread the love and you’ll get it back. You’ll see.


Valentines day for Singles. You see, it’s not that hard to enjoy your happy single life! Enjoy it to the fullest, while you still can. Haha


And now here are the winners of my Bendel Valentines Day Giveaway :

winner1  : Dominique (@xdodiedo)



: Tamara TS (@paramara1982)


winner3 : Romy (@romydenisevk)


CONGRATS! Send me an E-mail with your Name and Adress and ‘MyBendel’ will send you the jewelry by post!

singles enjoying valentines day singles enjoying valentines day singles enjoying valentines day singles enjoying valentines day singles enjoying valentines day singles enjoying valentines day


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