• VIZEAT eating with locals – Barcelona edition
Tasting the city with locals and discover food events in 110 countries. I did a Vizeat eating with locals experience and I’ll tell you all about it! •

VIZEAT eating with locals

I’m the one who screams: I DON’T WANT TO EAT TOURISTIC FOOD! I WANT TO EAT LOCAL FOOD! I’m the one who wants to feel, smell, experience and eat the local culture. To learn the local language, discover secret authentic places and [again] eat the local food.

Now I can tell you: I found a way to do all that! And you can do it too… with Vizeat.

Vizeat is available in over 110 countries. It’s an app and an online site, that connects travelers with locals who host fun events from rooftop parties to cooking classes. This way It is very easy to become friends with local people and I believe cooking and eating has a power of connecting people. You can do food tours, cooking classes, or just a well-prepared dinner by someone who simply loves to cook. So if you’re going on a holiday: check it out! Plan it on one of your first days, ask away and get some new ideas and inspiration. That way your vacation has a flying start!

Easy to book!

You can search your location and book online or use the app. You’ll find some information about the host, you can read the reviews, see the location and the menu. When you got intolerances or simply don’t like certain foods: you can chat with the host and let him/her know!

Once your booking is accepted, you’ll get the exact address and phone number, so you can contact your host if you have any questions.


Vizeat eating with locals is what we did in Barcelona! We choose a foodtour through the streets of Barcelona and got to know some really nice tapas restaurants this way.
We ate typical Spanish dishes and got a lot of inspiration from it. Our host was SO very lovely, she told us about salsa clubs we had to visit and other places that would be nice also.

The food was amazing and typical Spanish, the ambiance was amazing and the other Viz-eaters were also very pleasant company as you can see on the pictures.
So our conclusion? It was a fabulous experience and a must do, see and experience!

 VIZEAT eating with locals
The food tour is also featured in my vlog, so if you wanna see all the delicious food, fun people and locations: definitely check it out

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