ways to spice up your hair

Ways to Spice up your hair + Mini Give-away

♥ How to spice up your hair with just a few accessories? Today I give you some inspiration. Apart from that, I’m going to make three of you happy with my mini give-away. Read along to see how you enter.

Ways to Spice up your hair

Hey ladies and gents! Today some ways to Spice up your hair. My hair is really easy to style, I don’t need much and it always looks different. Really funny, is that it hasn’t always been curly. It was quite straight at first, then I had waves and eventually curls. After a few years it became wavy (again), and now it’s curly (again). Most days I just wear my hair down, but apart from the usual hairstyles like: messy bun, pony tails and braids, there are more ways to spice up your hair. What I love is hair-jewellery. You don’t see it that often, but I love unique things and it’s just a super fun way to spice up your hair. The first thing:

Hair jewellery number uno. 

Ways to Spice up your hair

I’ve used hairextensions to make my braid look really thick and gorgeous. Top “top it off” I used a hair-jewel, which is basically a hairpin that you attach to your hair. Spray it off with some hairspray to make it last quite a while and you’re good to go!

♥ Similar Hair jewellery: Tikka Hair jewellery

Hair Jewellery Festival Look

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The perfect festival look, but also really fun for normal days. Whether you’re wearing your hair down or up/braided, I think it’s a really nice touch to your hair.

♥ Similar Hair Jewellery: Feather arrow, Crystal Head Chain,

Bandana or Tie

ways to spice up your hair
Here I’m wearing a very cool tie-headband, made by one of my readers, thank you babe !@DAFFDesign

Ways to spice up your hair: I’ve seen them a lot lately: bandanas! You can wear bandanas as armcandy (by wearing them on your wrist), scarf, choker or in your hair.

♥ Similar hair bandanas: red bandana, Vintage Bandana look-a-like, head scarf necker-chief

Scarfy Braid

It requires some skills, but when you manage to do a simple braid: you’ll only have to tie the scarf on the top of your hair/braid and then start braiding with it. If you want me to do a tutorial: let me know!

♥ Similar scarfs: Demontz

Mini Give-Away

ways to spice up your hair

These are the ways to spice up your hair. Now let’s continue with the following: my mini-giveaway!

I teamed up with Batiste, Tangle Teezer and Invisiboble: Two deliciously smelling dry-shampoos (that really work, just like the one from Keune I once reviewed),
cute hair ties that don’t damage your hair (ideal to make your messy bun or braid) and last but not least: The original Tangle Teezer. I’m going to make three of you happy with the Hair-Package.

So, how to enter?

♥ Let me know: what are your favorite ways to spice up your hair in a comment below this article
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That’s it! Good luck ladies (&gents)


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