The title basically says it all: what to wear when it’s freezing. When I was in Brugge last week, it felt like -20 degrees and every single step we made actually hurt.

Best tip when it’s super super cold? Just stay inside the house, really :’) Especially when you’re always feeling cold like me (like.. 24/7). But sometimes you can’t so what do you do then? This is what I was wearing when I was in Brugge [Check out these 11 hotspots when you’re in Brugge]

What to wear when it's freezing

What to wear when it’s freezing

Tip number one:

Take of your coat, gloves and scarf and go hunting for nice locations that match your outfit

Tip number two:

Pretend like you don’t care and wave to everyone who actually are dressed for winter weather (pff, as if you care right)

Tip number three:

Go to touristic places, wait for every single tourist to pass by and then pose like a pro and not like someone who can’t feel her toes and fingers anymore.


Okay you Goldies, you probably understand that described above is totally sarcastic. I have my moments, I must admit. But now we’re going for some serious tips. Ready? Let’s go. What to wear when it’s freezing;

What to wear when it's freezing

Tip one

Play with layers. Wear a top with a shirt and a sweater, or just a sweater and put on a blazer over your sweater. I really like to combination as you see above. When it’s warm in a café you can take of your blazer, but you’re still dressed for the right weather.


Tip 2

Choose a scarf that matches the rest of your outfit as well. This way you don’t have to put it off when you take off your jacket 🙂


Tip 3

Avoid panties, bare ankles and skirts. I saw girls with these three things and my o my, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Dont’ do it to yourself when it’s freezing. Unless you only have to go outside to get in a car. Otherwise: just put on pants and boots!

What to wear when it's freezing

Tip 4

You see? Here I did the same with a blazer and a sweater, of course I only took off my coat for the photo. Mennn, couldn’t feel my body and even my lips at the end of our photoshoot. Tourists were clapping and prazing me lol. But that’s not the tip: the tip is; wear long socks. Put on your socks first and then your pants over them. It keeps everything much warmer, I can tell you 🙂

What to wear when it's freezing

Tip 5

Go sun hunting! Places where the sun is shining are much warmer 🙂

Tip 6

Drink hot chocolate, or tea, or coffee, or all three. Lots of it. They’ll keep you warm. You’ll also have an excuse to eat chocolates, because fat, because: fat keeps you warm. You get it? Haha. But hey, on the other side, chocolate isn’t even that bad: read why.

what to wear when it's freezing

I think that is it for today. If you have more tips: let me know! I’m curious. BIG HUG, Charissa