to do on valentine's day

What you and me are going to do on Valentine’s Day

What you and me are going to do on Valentine’s Day ♥

Hi my lovely Goldies!

Hope you all are doing great this week. As you probably all know,
it’s Valentine’s Day today.

A day some of you might love and some of you – well – don’t. A day which can totally frustrates us women. Because all the single ladies among us don’t have someone to surprise them with red roses and chocolates, the ones who have a crush are waiting for him to say he likes you back, but even the ones who actually have a man.. most men will probably forget it’s the day. But no worries, we’re all in this together, all on the same boat.

However, the cliché day Valentine’s Day has become, doesn’t make it any less fun! And even if you don’t get a surprise from your loved one, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself today. That’s right my lovely ladies!

to do on valentine's day

Here’s what you and me are gonna do:

  1. We buy ourselves some red roses. Just because we can, it’s fun and then pretend we got it by snapping a pic for our instastories.
    Got ya back, I won’t tell 😉
  2. We dress up super super romantic and of course with a touch of red: just because we freaking can! (This includes curling our hair and doing our make-up. Feeling pretty on the outside, makes you feel pretty on the inside)
  3. We’re gathering ourselves with all our friends to have some fun and gossip about every smoochy over-romantic gestures around us you know, because we can
  4. We’ll eat chocolate for lunch – yes, and it’s not even that bad, here are 5 reasons why
  5. We’ll give every single cute guy we cross a big ass wink. I mean, you never know what happens on the day of loooove
  6. In the afternoon we watch those super cliché movies, or read a romantic book
  7. And in the evening we treat ourselves on a well-deserved dessert. Forget about the calories.

to do on valentine's day

And even if you feel sad about not having met your special someone yet: he (or she) is already born, you’ll just need to wait for your paths to cross and then you’ll know why it took so long.


Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies. Make it count ♥ Big hug, Charissa


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    Cute!! Yes, I wore my red dress and heart shaped bag with pride on V day, we ate a picnic in the park and didn’t buy into presents this year but spent time hanging out which is so lovely.
    I hope you had a fun day!
    xx Jenelle

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      Lady Goldapple

      Ahh that sounds so lovely! Hanging out and making memories together is actually better than giving gifts I think <3 I definitely had a fun day. Big hug, Charissa

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