Why you need a Poncho this year

Why you need a Poncho ? Here’s why

♥ You need a Poncho it’s your Lifesaver

It’s the trend of the year: You just need a Poncho. Everyone wears it and everyone loves it. Why you should have one too? Here’s why!

Why you need a Poncho this year

First of all, you’re outfit becomes instantly chique. Ponchos have this.. French feeling, and almost everything that’s French is chique.

They are súper easy to wear and combine.. You just wrap them around you, you take one side over your shoulders (or not) and you’re ready to go. You could put a poncho over your jacket, to keep you warm, when your jacket is actually too thin (Like, when you have an outfit in mind, you háve to wear that one jacket, even if it’s cold. The Poncho is your Lifesaver you need a poncho).

Why you need a Poncho this year

You know, Ponchos are fun, you can play around with them and look fresh and young while wearing it. A poncho also screams fashion. Sometimes … you don’t have the right jacket to wear with your outfit, but a poncho almost always does. You can leave your poncho on, which is GREAT. Find the one that matches your outfit and keep it on if you want too. Jackets just need to be taken off, but ponchos don’t. Ha.

Why you need a Poncho this year

They are comfy, most of the ponchos are soft and warm and it doesn’t need any effort to put them on. Dress them up or down. You can combine a poncho in só many ways. Wear your poncho, like I said, over your jacket, with a hat, with your hair up, or down. Put it over a chique dress, or over a not so chique dress to make it look more chique. You could wear your poncho with trousers, heels and a sweater, but also with a skirt, top and a beautiful bag.

Why you need a Poncho this year

In short: You need a poncho. We all need one. Now it’s all about finding the right one for you. One that matches your hair and skin color, one with or without a cool print, one with the right price… But I’m sure you’ll succeed in that one 😉 So why you need a Poncho this year?
Ponchos are awesome.



I was wearing:
-Cassis Turtle Neck

-Topshop Poncho (Black/Grey one)
-Trousers – similar below
-DKNY watch – Similar below
-Over the Knee Boots – Similar below
-Bracelet – gifted

Why you need a Poncho this year 1b  Why you need a Poncho this year Why you need a Poncho this year Why you need a Poncho this year



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