trousers women not allowed to wear

Women not allowed to wear trousers

Women not allowed to wear trousers

The answer to perfect style, much like beauty and life itself, lies in the eye of the beholder.

Nowadays almost every woman wears trousers.
It’s easy to combine, you don’t….have the unpleasant moments of other people “looking under your skirt” while walking the stairs. Or the ‘danger’ of your skirt blowing up because of the wind…like Marilyn Monroe. But did you know, that at first it was forbidden for women to wear trousers? Unbelievable don’t you think, but it was…. really


Trousers were first seen with the Keltisch troupes from Gaul. They became popular at the end of the Roman age. During the Middle ages, trousers were really clothing for the man. Women weren’t allowed to dress like a ‘man’.  A law from 1799 in Paris, forbade them to wear trousers. I even read that the law was only abolished on 4th February in 2013! Parisian women officially had to, until that time, ask the city council for permission.

Elizabeth Smith Miller was the very first who started wearing trousers. She’s helped women with to get the right to vote.

Marlène Dietrich was a revolutionary woman who, really stubborn against the rules. She started wearing trousers. In the classic movie Morocco in 1930 she was the first actrice who didn’t wear a dress or skirt, but trousers. Even in public Marlène appeared in her beloved trousers. But not only Marlène Dietrich wore trousers. Women more and more had the courage to wear trousers. Katharine Hepburn wore wide pants and Gabrielle Coco Chanel wore her boyfriend’s- trousers. In 1965 trousers really got accepted and Yves Saint Laurent designed “le Smoking” for women.

Luckily we women are emancipated nowadays. We can wear lovely trousers disturbingly, below I’ve combined some really cute fashion outfits for you…

Esprit embraces all the little things that make you, you! So when it comes to fashion, as long as you choose a look that makes you feel good, then you can’t get it wrong.

Did you know women in Paris weren’t allowed to wear trousers until 2013?
X Charissa

Fashion outfit Esprit 1

Fashion outfit Esprit 2

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Fashion outfit Esprit 4

Trousers not allowed esprit

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-“‘Women weren’t allowed to dress like a ‘man’”-


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