Who doesn’t love a good work that booty -day with leg- and booty workouts? Lol, maybe you don’t. But we’d all love to have toned and gorgeous legs with a good booty, right? 

Work that booty !

It isn’t impossible, it just requires some time, sweat and work.

First of all: begin with making before-shots.

You will see progress, which you probably don’t when you just look in the mirror over and over again.

work that booty

Step 2 is to get rid of all (unnessesary) shame.

Some workouts will look and feel awkward. You will have the idea the whole gym is staring at you.. and maybe some will, let’s be fair. But why would you care? If it works, why wouldn’t you try to

If you want to lose some fat from your bum you just have to eat less calories and burn more by exercising more. The balance must be: eat less than you burn. There is no way to burn fat local! Just overall.

Step 3 is to just do it.

If you’re not sure how to do a certain exercise: just ask! In the gym there are always people present how can help you do the right exercise that fits you the best.

work that bootywork that booty

Step 4 is to cool down.

I always forget to cool down, I also forget to stretch afterwards, while this is so important! It will make your muscles relax and make them longer and you’ll have less muscle pain the next day. Make it part of your workout.

Step 5 is to eat.

Eat some carbs before your workout and proteins after. I never knew what to eat, but to help you out I’ll soon post some recipes and ideas.

work that booty

Today was to get you motivated and give you something to start with. I’ll soon post about the exercises I do for booty workouts + share the recipes I told you about. And remember work that booty!
– XO CHarissa