Yoga only for adults
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Yoga only for adults

♥ Did you know there are many forms of yoga? New year new trends. Yoga for adults! ♥


A few days ago, I came across an article which described a new way of yoga.  BEERYOGA,  yes you’ve read that right! Beeryoga. Two German ladies Jhula en Emily followed an education to become a yoga-teacher. But they missed something, so they came up with this concept. They also shared the love for beer. So every hour they drink two beers during the one hour lesson.

“We take yoga and the pleasure of drinking beer, very serious. It may sound like a joke but it is not”.

The two combined should result in an unique experience. It’s not in the Netherlands yet, so you must go to Berlin. They give the lessons on events, festivals and in cafes. And it’s becoming more and more popular.

Another form of yoga is Aerial yoga or also named Anti-gravity .

Yoga hangmat


Al you need is a cloth, your body and the gravity. The hanging cloth will support and minimize the weight from your spine. It gets the pressure from your neck and shoulders. And it maximizes your moveability.

Why Yoga?

  • Because it’s so much more than tailor-sit or handstand. It decompresses your spine, knees and joints. Because of that it is beneficial especially for people with injuries.
  • It keeps you fit, flexible and strong.
    People say: “oh, I’m not flexible enough”, well that’s almost the same as saying, “running is not for me, cause I have no condition”.
    It just needs some time to build.

Yoga only for adults

  • It is a challenge but without competition. You work-out only with and for yourself to benefit from.
  • As you go along you notice you sleep better and even start to eat better. Hé, you’re not craving that bucket of ice anymore.
    It’s just a natural thing. Cause you want to be and keep your body healthy.
  • “living life to the fullest”, by being your fittest. You will be able to do things you love longer and more intensive

Yoga only for adults

  • It will keep your stress-level low so you can do your work more efficient. It challenges you to do all sorts of poses and remain good breathing.
  • Yoga is the alleged fountain of youth. You will feel young and fit. Of course you will have to keep doing yoga, but it will be all worth it!

Look good

So now you know why this is such a great way of exercising. And you want to look good when you go to your first class, right! Even when you exercise in the privacy of your home, you want to look your best. In the pictures you see the outfit I’m wearing when I do my Yoga workout. It’s from Zalando. If you like you can buy it. Click on the link and see if they have your size available. Do it today, cause it’s very popular and sold out before you know.

The Blue oufit:
Ivy park t-shirt | zalando
adidas sports legging | zalando
-shoes | skechers
The Black outfit:
Ivy Park top | Zalando
Onzie tights | Zalando

Yoga only for adults Yoga only for adults Yoga only for adults Yoga only for adults Yoga only for adults Yoga only for adults Yoga only for adults

For more inspiration, read the Zalando-blog: Fashion meets yoga!

XO Charissa


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