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YourTea Skin Magic Tea review

Hi Loves!

A little while ago, I was asked by “ yourtea ” to try one of their teas Yourtea Skin Magic Tea . I’ve tried the brand “Skinny Mint” before, which was a detoxing tea. So at first I thought this brand was similar to that one. Now, you do have the choice to choose for a tea called “tiny tea”, but yourtea has many more teas. This was the reason I really wanted to try this.

Plus: I’ve read great reviews about it, almost everybody is excited about yourtea . All teas are gluten free and all natural. AND: A percent of every sale made through is donated to carefully selected charities each month.

I was kinda blown away by all the choices I had.

I mean… They have teas called:
Antioxidant tea – helps with anti-ageing, fighting free radicals and detoxifying your body.
Fertility tea – Which naturally helps supporting your hormones, benefit ovulation and regulates your cycle.
Man tea – Which promotes muscle growth and increases strength
Hangover tea – It’s ingredients will assist in cooling down the alcohol-induced heat and will make you feel like you’ve had an ice cold shower. Then it caresses your kidneys and liver…
Sounds very.. exciting. Luckily I never have hangovers.
Sex-tea and many more…

So I scrolled through all the yourtea choices and finally chose for the “ Yourtea  Skin Magic Tea ”.
The description told me that: the ingredients would pamper my skin, give me blemish-free skin so that I can ‘glow with confidence all day long’. Sounds great. The ingredients would nourish the blood, to better assist the removal of “nasties” once and for all.

Now of course, I wouldn’t write about this tea if I didn’t try it myself. So let’s find out if I’m just as excited as others were!

First of all: my skin isn’t really really bad. But sometimes my skin has a bad day and I was curious if this would help.


Skin-Detoxing with Yourtea

I’ve been detoxing for 15 days now, so I have 15 more days to go (basically : you’re detoxing for 30 days). I’m allergic for certain foods and when I eat those foods, my skin reacts badly. As in: I get blemishes, which I absolutely hate. Of course I try to avoid those foods as much as possible, but some of the things I’m allergic to is: chocolate. Who can say no to chocolate? Right, sometimes you can’t. Achieving healthy skin requires the correct foods for your body because healthy skin starts from within. It is the health of your body internally that dictates what your skin looks like externally.
So I’ve been trying to eat it this month and drink this tea with it and my skin stayed the same! I don’t really have close before and after photo’s, but I can really tell my skin has become more calm and when I eat things I’m allergic to, my skin doesn’t react so heavily as it always did. So, I’m happy with the results and I’m going to continue my yourtea journey, since I’ve got 15 more days to go…

About Yourtea Skin Magic Tea

It costs €25,- euros for 30 days. You get 60 Teabags, because you’re going to drink this tea twice a day.
Some people don’t like the taste and put a bit of lemon or honey in their tea, I however do like the taste. It’s a bit similar to any other herbal tea combined with the tasted of licorice. If you drink your tea with sugar, you might not like it without something in it. I always drink my tea the natural way, so… It’s up to you, just try it and find out what you like 🙂

Yourtea Skin magic tea says it assist with:

>cystic pimples
>hormonal skin
>uneven skin tone
>assisting digestion

If you have one of these problems, you might like to try this tea yourself. Of course, every human body is different. Maybe it doesn’t work for your friend, but it might work for you. It’s not super-duper cheap, but it’s totally worth the try.


When and how do I drink this tea?

The description says you can drink this tea 30 minutes before or after your meal. But it’s the best to drink it when you have nothing in your stomach, so I’d say: before your meals: Morning and early evening.
However, if you don’t have the time to wait that long for your breakfast.. I’d say: drink it afterwards. Leave one tea bag in boiling water for 4-5 minutes and then this tea can do its magic!

Hot tip:

Feel free to add a squeeze of lemon or dash of honey.

I hope you found this review helpful!
If you still have any questions about it after reading my review: feel free to ask!

xxx Charissa


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    Klinkt leuk! Zag op je Instagram een plaatje voorbijkomen.. Daar zag ik ook Sex Tea staan ha ha! Daar was ik nou benieuwd naar 😉 Grappig dat ze er namen aan hebben gegeven. Ik heb laatst een teatox gedaan en was ook best tevreden over de werking ervan.
    x Wilmke

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