Yummy Juices Three Days in a Row

Yummy juices detox recipe #01

The first yummy juices recipe #detox


Sometimes we all have that bloated feeling in our stomach, maybe you’ve eaten too much, maybe you didn’t, but it doesn’t feel nice. Or you want to feel more energetic, start living more healthy ór you
just want to try it, to see what it does for you and how it is to drink yummy juices only for 1, 3 or 5 days…

Slow-juiced juices

When you drink slow-juiced juices, your body doesn’t have to digest and filter all the (bad) stuff you put in your body, so it can completely focus on cleaning your body. You’ll feel healthy, (maybe) reborn and great afterwards!

Perfect detox yummy juices for you

I have a slow-juicer at home, so I’ve experimented with all kinds of fruit and greens to compose the perfect detox yummy juices for you. From now on, I’ll be posting a recipe for a yummy (detox) juice every week and the posts will be called: “ Yummy Juices ”.

6 juices

I’m going to post six juices so that you can detox yourself. They’re actually for detoxing 6 days in a row. But that might be a little too heavy, so if you’ll take them once in a while that’s better. And if you keep following these detox posts, you’ll have all six for detoxing a week. After these six, I’ll post variations to those real yummy juices. The six juices are 500 ml each and with these juices you’re drinking (detox) tea and water.

Today’s juice is a green one

Today’s juice is a green one and the ingredient that will give you a “full” feeling is avocado. I love avocado because it’s full of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, it helps losing weight, can prevent cancer and can lower your cholesterol levels. So.. Eat.. A.. A….Avocado

Or juice it and drink it in yummy juices to detox!

ripe or not

The first yummy juices recipe
What do you need:
>1 Avocado
>4 Celery sticks
>2 Apples
>1 Lemon
>1/3 Fennel

Put everything in pieces in the slow-juicer, juice it and you’re done! You’re ready to drink your yummy juice.
Drink this one at 09:00 o’clock (or drink it as a healthy snack with your breakfast, lunch, or whenever you want)

Stay tuned for more healthy yummy juices … xxx Charissa

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