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Yummy juices detox recipe #02

The second yummy juices recipe #detox

In the previous article, you already read that I’m going to post six juices so that you can detox yourself. They’re actually for detoxing 6 days in a row. But that might be a little too heavy, so if you’ll take them once in a while that’s better. And… if you keep following these detox posts, you’ll have all six for detoxing a week. After these six, I’ll post variations to those real yummy juices. The six juices are 500 ml each and with these juices you’re drinking (detox) tea and water.

Today’s juice is a orange/yellow one

This juice is one of my favourites, because I just love Pineapple and this juice is a bit sweet … and therefore super tasty! Here’s how to make it yourself:

yummy juices
The second yummy juices recipe

What do you need:
> 4 slices Pineapple
> a piece of ginger
> Mint (I wouldn’t put this in your slowjuicer.. put the juice in a blender or mix it through)
>1 Lemon
> Carrot Juice: you can make this yourself, but you can also buy a bottle of biological carrot juice
(without any things added, like sugars etc.)

Put everything in pieces in the slow-juicer, juice it and you’re done! You’re ready to drink this yummy juice.
Drink this one at 11:00 o’clock (or drink it as a healthy snack with your breakfast, lunch, or whenever you want)

Stay tuned for more healthy yummy juices …

xxx Charissa

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