Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal

Yves Rocher is worldwide number one in vegetal cosmetics. Let’s find out if I’m just as excited as others were…

I got to test their amazing new line called “Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal”. Already I heard and read some really good things about this line. o I couldn’t wait to try it all myself.

About Yves Rocher as a brand

In 1959 Sir Yves Rocher gave his name to an unique and original brand. His commitment? Guiding women during all the phases of life. Providing them the regenerating power of nature, with great products that are available for everyone.

Around 1969, Yves Rocher develops a network of beautycentres. There are around 1600 Yves Rocher stores in more than 45 countries and around 97 beauty centers.

Sensitive Végétal

Is a great solution for the ones with sensitive skin like myself, perfume free.
I could recommend it to everyone.
Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, but just looking for a soft gentle skincare.
Within a week, my skin was already renovated a lot.

This variant with lots of shea butter, is just a little more caring and nourishing than it’s ‘only hydrating’ sister.
It’s sister is the one that particularly smoothens your skin.
This cream is thicker and has a rich texture.
But it doesn’t leave your skin oily, which is usually the case with thick creams.

Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal

Hydrating cream against redness

Are you looking for a soft cream that soothes your skin and prevents redness? You should try this cream. It has an extract of Siegesbeckia Orientalis -what a name- which has a proven dermo-mitigating effect. The occurrence of redness will reduce with 50%.

Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal

Calming micellar Cleansing Lotion 2-in-1

With this lotion, you can quickly remove your make-up and clean your face. It both softens and refreshes your skin.

Yves Rocher Sensitive Végétal

Intensive soothing concentrate

To hydrate and calm your skin even more… The sensitivity of your skin will be reduced, day by day.

If you start using this line, I can (almost) guarantee you a super soft and soothed skin, I have a super difficult skin so you can take this one from me.

Would this yves rocher line be something for you? Let me know!
xxx Charissa