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#MBFWA | Zyanya Keizer collection “HAVEN”

Zyanya Keizer collection “HAVEN”

Zyanya Keizer showed the albinism inspired collection “HAVEN”

This through a collaboration with the society of African Albino’s and because of her impressive show.
Zyanya wanted to bring this typical subject under the attention in the right way.

The society of African Albino’s, wants to support local productive projects, by delivering UV-protecting products. In this way they want to help increasing the qualities of life for all Albinos in different countries. For years now, they arrange  the transport of sunscreen for a large group of albinos in and around Moshi, Tanzania.
With a gift of just 5 euro’s you’ll support an albino for a month.
Met een gift van slechts vijf euro steun je één maand lang een albino.
xxx Charissa
Zyanya Keizer collectionZyanya Keizer collection


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