Hi lovelies, today I’ll be sharing my new fluffy Vilshenko coat with you. I’ve got two coats for this Winter season, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m a person who always feels cold. I sleep with my socks, a sweater, long pants and sometimes even my bathrobe on in bed. You must think I’m nuts, but I’m thát cold, especially in my home where it’s just not as warm as I’d want it to be. So, point is: I’m always feeling cold, so I need a coat that keeps me warm.

fluffy vilshenko coat

I’ve stumbled upon this website

It’s called Vilshenko and the clothing is modern, but with a folkloric twist. I’ve spotted not only the most amazing coat ever, but also a sweater with the most beautiful design I’ve seen in a long time… It’s quite an investment, I know. But everyone complimented me on my new coat while shooting and you really see the quality of the garment. You can buy the coat at the Vilshenko webshop.

fluffy vilshenko coat


I was supposed to go shooting with a friend of mine, Chanou. However, my time schedule didn’t really go… well, as planned. So when I missed my tram for the second time (don’t ask me why please haha), I decided to take an Uber. The thing with taxi’s is though, I never know where to sit. Do you sit next to the driver? Or in the back? This time I sat next to him, but he asked me só many questions. Where I got my coat from, if I was a model, what I was doing that day and even.. here it comes, if my CHEEKS WERE REAL? Yup. Funny start of the afternoon.

fluffy vilshenko coat fluffy vilshenko coat fluffy vilshenko coat

Freezing friend

When I arrived, my friend was freezing (so sorry dearie), so we shot a few pictures and then sprinted to the cutest café in Amsterdam (never been there before, but gosh. Especially outside it looked só cute). We warmed up with a cup of tea, talked and laughed about lots of things – like guys, dating apps, Instagram, our jobs, we got a lot to catch up on. And when we were feeling warm again, it was time to cool down (again as well): round two of shooting pictures!

We were so happy with the results, but it started to get dark and then you know: it’s time to go home now. Atleast my new Fluffy Vilshenko coat kept me warm and will keep doing that this whole Winter season long.

fluffy vilshenko coat

Let me know what you think of my coat! And what does your coat look like? Describe underneath <3

XOXO, Charissa