Hi Loves!

Hope you’re all doing well today…anyway: I think this post might cheer you up.

Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique aspires to spread happiness and good vibes, and to build a soulful brand.
What makes me happy is cuddling with my sweet dogs, going out with my friends, having a nice dinner and something to drink with people I love. Reading sweet comments from you guys, having lots of inspiration for new blog-posts, getting new stuff to review for you and of course…
Wearing cute clothing!

Depending on your mood, you choose your clothing, but choosing the wrong clothing can totally ruin your mood. Choose and buy clothing that make you happy!

The absolutely gorgeous jewel on my neck definitely makes me really happy. Funny thing is, it’s from the website called ” Happiness Boutique “. Here you can buy lots of cute stuff like beautiful earrings, Statement Jewelry & Vintage-inspired Clothing.

Happiness Boutique is an international online store for positive, fashion-forward modern women. Shop classy, cute, vintage-inspired.

Their style is timeless classic with a charming vintage touch. They draw inspiration from adorable prints, beautiful patterns, pretty colors, art, photography, and fashion. Their items aim not only to make you look good, but also to make you feel good.

I chose this beautiful green one, because it has two different sides: on one side it’s really chique, because of the white pearls. On the other, it’s a little vintage, because of the flowers. Timeless classic with a charming vintage touch. It’s just a real eye-catcher that blings up your whole outfit.

Happiness Boutique Happiness Boutique Happiness Boutique

        Coolcat Biker Jacket and Happiness Boutique

What makes you happy? And have you ever heard of Happiness Boutique  before?


xxx Charissa