Hi Loves,

I think I wrote it before, but I absolutely admire the clothing from previous time ages. Like.. the 40’s, 30’s and the 20’s. The clothing is só feminine, classy and chic!
I don’t think women need to be in a skirt or dress all the time to look feminine though, I mean.. you’re a woman no matter what.

the type of clothing that you wear, totally depend your mood; the way you feel, the way you act, the way you walk and talk..
If you wear classy clothes, you instantly become more feminine.

When it’s September
all the magazine’s come up with their new Fashion Issue with all the trends of upcoming season(s). As a Fashionblogger, you need to be up-to-date so I bought myself quite a few magazines and got inspired by all the beautiful shots, trends, and new designs.

Unfortunately I’m not able to buy designer-items only, I wish.
But if you know about the trends AW 2015 (AW= Autumn, Winter), about the look and feel… you can search for affordable look-a-likes yourself. No, they won’t be exactly the same, but they will definitely do.

So… I started searching for the most expensive and gorgeous items first and then the even more fun part: the look-a-likes.

Let’s take a look at upcoming’s season trends AW 2015;

What we’ll see a lot, are suede, lace, pumps, ankleboots and loafers with see-through heels, silk, wool, cashmere.. in short: clothing that scream “I’m Elegant! Wear me with style”
Ok, so the first items I picked are in the style of upcoming’s season. The skirt, button, lace, flowy or tight. As long as it is midi or mini it’s great. HOT: the 70’s inspired look, love love love

The look-a-likes:

These skirts are combined with beautiful lace blouses and turtle necks

The look-a-likes:

I’ll write more posts like this, because there are more trends that I want to show you, but for now… the last collection I want to show you, are these loafers/pumps/ankleboots with block heel and of course their look-a-likes. It’s something I have to get used to myself too, you need to be a little dare devil to wear them. Why? Because it’s different. On the other hand, it’s just trendy again, because in the 70’s, women already wore these shoes.

The look-a-likes:

Now tell me: what do you think of the upcoming trends AW 2015?xxx Charissa