Sudio KLANG Swedish Design Earphones Review
Chic Elegant and Perfect Sound . On my way to the bus station, I was listening to some music when suddenly my earphones stopped working… So I really needed some new earphones
and today I’m going to talk about my new babies!

Let’s talk about the brand first; these earphones are from Sudio –Sweden, and it all started a few years ago when the founders were looking for earphones as a stylish and chic accessory, but without paying the jackpot for it. They created the product they wanted to buy and during the making of, they ran into Phil Collins who had trouble with his earphones. That’s when they decided to name the company after his song “Sussodio

Sudio Klang White Earphones Review, Lady Goldapple

There are two types of earphones; the first one is the one on the pictures, called Klang. Klang works best for iPhone, because it has 3 buttons (lower and higher the sound and play/pause) and has one cord longer than the other for the stay-in-ear function. The second one is called Två which has one button only to fit all devices and has two long cords. I don’t have an iPhone, but I don’t like big plugs for in my ears, because they simply don’t fit in my ears, so I chose for the Klang in the colour White.

Chic Elegant and Perfect Sound

My impression is very positive; the box is really pretty with shiny golden details on it and everything was packed very nicely. But the most important thing is of course: the sound, which is absolutely amazing! The sound is 300% better than my previous ones, Klang has a 10 mm dynamic speaker, which is designed to deliver a natural bass without compromising the high tones.
These earphones provide the perfect sound,fit all devices, Chic Elegant and Perfect Sound and give you a cool look wearing them.

Chic Elegant and Perfect Sound Earphones Review, Lady Goldapple

You can change the size of the “sleeves” (to put on the plugs), they come with different sizes to chose from, so they are wearable for everyone. You also get a Manual & Quality Assurance Card, which “proves” that you are the official owner of the Sudio Earphones. The last thing you get, is a cute leather case to put them in, so that your earphones will stay pretty and protected wherever you go 🙂 The thing I also find really handy is that the cords are thicker than I normally see, so they don’t tangle up really easily.

Chic Elegant and Perfect Sound Sudio Klang White Earphones Review, Lady Goldapple

Conclusion: I absolutely love them and if you’d like to have them too; they only cost €55,09 euros –which really isn’t that much for high-quality and good-looking earphones- and you get 15% discount if you use the code: LADYGOLDAPPLE15 + they offer free shipping (2-5 days) worldwide.