Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4)

Hunkemöller Christmas Party

♥ Last week we, ambassador ladies from Hunkemöller, were invited to go partying at the Hunkemöller Christmas Party! A day filled with photoshoots, presents, fun and hot choco ♥

Thursday 14 December, a date I had pinned in my phone for a long time already. The Hunkemöller Christmas party – #HKMSantaBaby ! In our briefing, we were told to bring our most fabulous outfits with us, to the exclusive Hunkemöller Christmas party in Hotel Central Park Ron Blaauw.

Weeks ago, I shopped my Hunkemöller Christmas party outfits and today was the day I was going to wear them! I packed my suitcase and got out the door early. There I was, sitting in the bus with my party dress on. At 11:07 AM, I arrived at Schiphol by train and immediately Laila (one of the Hunkemöller-ambassador ladies) yelled “Heee! Charissa!”. Soon, more ladies showed up and eventually we walked outside and all stepped in the Hunkemöller bus, which would bring us to the location.

We, all 50 ambassadors (from all over Europe) arrived perfectly on time. Because we were with so many ladies, we were divided into groups. Our group was group 2 and our first task was: eating lunch. So lovely to chat with all the ladies again, you do talk with everyone on Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook, but that’s different.

The clocked turned 13:00 and it was time to pick our favorite Fluffy Hunkemöller outfit for the Fashion shoots. I’d picked an amazing outfit, which you can see on the pictures, which felt só soft and warm. A little too warm eventually, because the heat was ON there #Sauna #ModelLife

It was time for the first group to shoot and our time to get our hair and makeup done. The makeup was done really natural, because it’s the Hunkemöller fluffy collection (which is cúte and sexy). My hair got done really great: my curls were curled even more and on one side, my hair was rolled to the side a bit.

We had two shoots: one in a Christmassy room with photographer Jesaja Hizkia Hutubessy and one in a very comfy room with a huge bed, with photographer Thijs Hupkens.

From the sneakpeeks we saw then, we already couldn’t wait for the pictures and because you probably can’t either, here are the pictures:
Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4) Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4) Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4)

Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4)
From left to right: Dionne, me, Laila and Cynthia

EDIT: here are some more!
Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4)  Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4)Hunkemöller Christmas Party (4)

Between all the shoots, we took lots of photo’s in the Hunkemöller photobooth and drank hot chocolate with whipped cream, yum! There was also time for gifts and eventually dinner. Every lady dressed up in her evening gown and we all felt super fancy and fun.

Want to see more pictures? Check out the Hunkemöller article on Bows&Bras.

The Hunkemöller Christmas Party was amazing and I hope you enjoyed reading about this day. Unfortunately I can’t bring you with me, but this way you were still there ♥ XO Charissa

Photography by:
Jesaja Hizkia Hutubessy
Thijs Hupkens


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