New Hairdo & Discovered treasure

Finally! The pictures of my new hair 🙂
Before my photographer and I shot these photos, I went to the Hairdresser “Rob Peetoom” and got a New Hairdo and colour –as you’ve already seen in this article-. Rob Peetoom is a well-known hairdresser in the Netherlands, a lot of celebs get their hair done by one of their hairstylists, so I was super excited when I heard this would be my birthday present… Funny fact is that this is my actual hair-colour, a lot darker huh? I have to dye my hair for two more times and then my hair is “used” to this colour and I won’t have to colour it again (and my hair will be happy for that).

Then we went to Dudok Café where we had their delicious apple pie (you háve to try it when you’re in Rotterdam) and a cup of fresh Mint tea. After this, we wanted to shoot near the Erasmus bridge, so we stepped back into the car, drove in Rotterdam; we turned left and tada… a super cute place with a harbor ánd near the Erasmus Bridge (where we had never been before!) The perfect location for a photoshoot, don’t you think?

A funny thing is that sometimes, when we shoot somewhere in a small place for example, there a lot of people who are watching you, because they’ve never seen a shoot close or because they’re just curious. You have to continue posing and doing your thing and act like you don’t see them, which can still be a little distracting. However: in this place nobody was watching us, they didn’t really bother, so we had a super relaxed time.

Now a little about my outfit; the jacket I’m wearing is my newest treasure (from Zara), the trousers are from Vera Moda –not in the stores anymore-,the shoes are from van Haren –sold out, unfortunately- and the bag is vintage.

Have you ever been to Rob Peetoom’s salons for some New Hairdo? And if you’ve been in Rotterdam before: what’s your favourite place?


New Hairdo xcharissa

New Hairdo
New Hairdo Rotterdam,rob peetoom

New Hairdo,Rotterdam,rob peetoom
New Hairdo,Rotterdam, rob peetoom
New Hairdo

Rotterdam,New Hairdo, rob peetoomNew Hairdo