♥ I never complain about having curls, though I sometimes like to have my hair straight.So today I’m straightening it.


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Hi Sweeties!

Today’s article is all about straightening my hair. As you guys know, my hair is curly.
When I was little, my hair was full with beautiful curls. After a few years, it became straight and then it got wavy. Now.. it’s curly again. I don’t know why I have curls, everybody in my family is Dutch and has straight or wavy hair.
I do got some grant-grant-grant-parents from France and maybe from somewhere fár from here too. This could explain the curly hair, which I absolutely love.

Straightening my hair

Yes, sometimes my hair is a bit fluffy, but I love my fluffiness and my hair. Some people are dying to have curls and I have them. I never complain about having curls, though I sometimes like to have my hair straight. Which basically never happens, whatever styling tool I’m using.

Straightening my hair Straightening my hair

Until… I found out about the Diva Professional Genesis Digital Iron from John Beerens, a Dutch Hairdresser. A mouth full of words, but it’s such a beauty.

The iron is from the Diva collection and still quite new. I was lucky enough to get one and test it myself.

I absolutely love the look of the Genesis Digital Straightening Iron. It comes in a big box, with a black cover to put it in when it’s still hot. I also got some really-good-smelling hair serum, a brush and some testers. A really nice package to get!

Straightening my hair, how it works

At first I had to get used to this iron and straightening my hair in general. You have to close it while you’re straighten your hair, which cause a little cramp in my hand after a little while. Though, I think if I’d straighten it more often, I’ll get used to it.

Straightening my hair Straightening my hair

It has multiple temperatures, from 110 °C till 230 °C. I was a little too enthusiastic at first, read: straightening my hair with 200-230 °C and go! Burn… (a little bit, but still). The lower the °C the better for your hair 😉 So I e-mailed with Donja from JohnBeerens.nl and asked what temperature would be best for my hair. Then I tried it with 180 °C and this time I got perfectly straight and shiny hair.

This is the first time it’s super straight and stays straight. Plus, if you want.. you could also give your hair some waves or even curls with the straightening iron.

Straightening my hair

What I think about my straight hair?

My face looks completely different, so do the clothes I wear with it. So funny how your whole look changes, when your change your hair. It does take some time, at least it does for me, so I think I’m going to straighten my hair for… special occasions. Such as: parties, photoshoots or other occasions.

My final opinion?

I absolutely love my hair straight like this, the Genesis Digital makes my hair super straight and shiny. It’s light weighted in your hand –though needs some effort to close it all the time- and it comes in a beautiful package full of goodies.
I’m in love with this Diva.

Straightening my hair

Have you ever straightened your hair? Or curled it with a straightener?

xxx Charissa