Witchcraft Couture Book Review, in this article I’ll tell you all about this book, perfect for Summer reading!

Witchcraft Couture is a story based around Oscar Pelligrini, an Italian fashion designer who struggles with creativity blocks and self-belief issues. He destroys a lot of what he designs because of his own insecurity.

When his ex, Sarah, gives him a second chance to design for her company, he becomes so stressed and insecure about his designs, that he decides to escape to Russia. In his dreams, he keeps seeing a woman in a beautiful, almost magical, dress and when he actually sees the woman with the same dress, singing in a café, he needs to know who made that dress!

Turns out that it’s made by a magical machine, called the Sampo, which can turn ordinary outfits into irresistible shining master pieces. Oscar gets the machine and takes it back to Italy – and before he knows, he has become a wanted Fashion Designer and Celebrities and other socialites, are literally fighting to wear his gorgeous clothes. However… the happily ever after ending turns into a nightmare, his dresses start to acquire a life of their own –even getting evil- and Oscar gets haunted by his creations.

While the beginning is a little slow, let’s say after 50 pages the story really starts, it speeds up until you can’t bear to put it down.
Witchcraft Couture is a mixture of literary fiction, fantasy and magical realism, so you’ll have to love this kind of books.

But if you do, and you’ll stick to it, it is a very nice and well written book . Lovely for summer reading, on a beach with a nice cocktail in your hand…

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Katarina West Witchcraft Couture Review, Lady Goldapple