In the other article I already told you about my weekend trip to Amsterdam, few words: it was great.

My weekend off with ‘Edie’ was great…
In my whole life I haven’t been in Amsterdam for more than 5 times, I think it’s because it costs a lot of time and effort to get there. But when I do go: I never want to leave, though I always have to, at the end of the day haha. Amsterdam is a World city and I’m trying to see as much as I can, but it’s not possible to see everything, because there’s so much to see!

I think that if you would live in Amsterdam for a whole year, you still would not have seen the whole of Amsterdam. What’s fun about this city, is that there are a lot of people with different identities and then I mean: personalities, nationalities, dressed in all sorts of different clothes. If you’re asking for directions, you’ll never know in which language you get an answer: most of the time from people from other countries, be prepared haha.

While I was in Amsterdam there were a lot of Buses with a lot of tourists who came to see the “Dam” They stopped to see people feeding the doves, there was this man who was doing little tricks and then there was also someone who played Batman and got payed by taking a picture with the tourists…
that sort of things happen in Amsterdam.
There’s also a chance to see a lot of “BN’-ers”; Dutch Celebrities. Most of them work and live in Amsterdam. There are a lot of different places and terraces to have something to eat and drink, although there should be.. I couldn’t find a nice one with room, but I guess it’s because it was to crowded. In Amsterdam there’s a lot you can do; visit different museums,
there are many many shops to .. shop –from vintage to designer clothing- lovely boat trips, bus trips.
In short; you’ll never get bored in Amsterdam.

I’ve spend my weekend in Amsterdam with visiting PR-agencies to talk some business and of course I’ve been shopping and sightseeing too!

Packing the right bag

All it takes is a weekend away from work and out of your city to get your batteries recharged. Packing for a weekend should be less of a headache than packing for a long vacation or a business trip, but what makes packing for a weekend difficult is the size and strength of your bag. You don’t need that much—just the right stuff—and the right bag can decide whether your weekend getaway will be great or a bust. It’s just the right bag to fit everything you think you’ll need while you’re away from home for the weekend. Look no further than this Paul’s boutique bag, meet Edie!

It’s a big bag, with a sporty-chic look, perfect for packing all your essentials to bring with when you’re spending the weekend in Amsterdam 😉 What I also like about the bag is that it’s got different colors and materials, like the neon-yellow grab handle and the inside is covered with polka-dot printing. And it’s big enough for the weekend of to a great city such as AMSTERDAM!

I hope you’ve spend your weekend just as great as I did, and if you want to buy a Paul’s boutique bag ‘Edie’or some of the other “Girls”. All the bags of Paul’s Boutique have their own name, super cute right?- ; here’s their website.


All it takes is a weekend away with Edie  All it takes is a weekend away with Edie

All it takes is a weekend away with Edie

Me with Paul’s Boutique weekend bag Edie

The 'Dam' | weekend away with Edie Sandwiche with Goat cheese | weekend away with Edie All it takes is a weekend away with Edie

Paul's Boutique weekend bag |  weekend away with Edie

Notice the nice green on the handle

 All it takes is a weekend away with Edie All it takes is a weekend away with Edie All it takes is a weekend away with Edie

Love 'Edie' | weekend away with Edie

All it takes is a weekend away with Edie

All it takes is a weekend away with Edie