Fashionchick Girls : a Dutch fashion magazine, full with interesting and fun articles. I’M IN IT with a FOUR-page-spread about my blog and wardrobe. I’ll show you some backstage shots and tell you about it <3

It’s been a while since my interview, but today I can finally tell you :
I am featured in; Fashionchick Girls Magazine!

A Dutch fashion magazine full with interesting and fun articles and I’m in it with a
four-pages-spread about my blog and wardrobe.

I’ve also invited my personal photographer, who made some backstage shots during the interview [do you remember my interview for the Cosmopolitan by the way?]

I was super exited when Raquel (former chief Editor of Fashionista Magazine) contacted me and asked me if I had time to do a photo-shot and interview for the new Fashionchick Girls.
Didn’t have to think twice, cause it’s such a cool magazine, off-course I said Yes!

It was at my own place. First of all: you need to clean everything extra, to make sure it looks photo-perfect. Then there was the light that had to be perfect for the photo’s. And there was the issue of which of my wardrobe pieces I wanted to talk about…

You wouldn’t guess how much work and time goes in one article, but it’s a lot, I can tell you haha. I was asked by sweetheart Raquel, who interviewed me for the Fashionchick Girls. The other girl is Liza Dikkerboom she made the pictures.


From left to right: The photographer Liza, me, Raquel; the interviewer

Unfortunately, the interview is in Dutch, but as I said: I talked about my wardrobe and favourite pieces, along with their stories. They also spotted Ricky, my Chihuahua.
They absolutely adored him, made pictures of him and for the first time: he actually posed for a camera.
Like. DUDE!
You never do that for me. They also dedicated a small part to him. So cute.

For the Dutchies: het magazine ligt nú in de winkels! Super leuk als jullie hem halen en vertellen hoe jullie het interview vonden <3

This was the dress I wanted to wear at first, but when I would sit down, it would look weird. So I chose the striped b&w dress instead

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