♥ Of course you’ll have to maintain the lifestyle for quite a while, if you really want to see changes,
but I’m totally going for new goals new you

New goals new you

This is the year where we’re all going to do things differently setting some new goals. A lot of people have been talking about changing their lifestyles by detoxing their bodies, exercising more, eating differently… And I am one of those persons!
New goals new you . Of course you’ll have to maintain the lifestyle for quite a while, if you really want to see changes, but I’m totally going for it and I’m already seeing some changes in my skin(looks more calm). I’d like to give you some tips and tricks on how to change your lifestyle and become a happier ánd healthier person: new goals new you .

new goals new you

– Detox

There are multiple detox programs to clean your body from the inside out. The two things I’d like to use are:

1. Lemon juice
When I wake up, I boil some water, cut a lemon in two pieces and squeeze it. Then I put It altogether in a glass and I drink it with a straw to protect my teeth from the sourness.
2. Teatox
There are several detox teas which detox your body, one better than the other… So I’m still looking for the right teatox for me, but when I found the one, using it for more than two weeks and I’m satisfied, I’ll definitely let you know! Until then you can decide for yourself if you’d like to try out a detox tea, or if you just keep it by the freshly-squeezed-lemon-juice-water.

Besides detox it’s also important to drink enough water (2 to 3 liters per day), everybody says it, now do it! When you wake up: drink, after you’ve eaten: drink, before you go to school/work/shopping: drink. I think I’ve made my point 🙂

new goals new you


We’ve all seen the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014 and I don’t know about you, but I’m getting motivated like hell when I see all these fantastic bodies.
Most people start exercising to lose weight, but it shouldn’t be about losing weight: it should be about getting more fit, lean and healthy. So change your mind set: do it for you and for the right reasons.

How, what and where?

Well… Doutzen is my example, I think everyone would die for a body like hers, so I’ve been looking for some exercises… And I’ve found the Victoria Secret Exercises, which you can do at home!

Prepare to suffer …
> arms
> core
> butt

new goals new you
*Normally I’m not this happy, while doing push-ups for two minutes…

– Going to bed earlier, waking up earlier

It’s probably not something you’d like to do: waking up early (6-am-ish), although it has a lot of benefits! When you wake up at six am, you’ll be tired at 10 pm. When you wake up early, you’ll have more time to prepare a lovely breakfast, you’ll have time to do one of the Victoria Secret exercises as above (exercising in the morning is better because your metabolism will be activated), no excuses about tomorrow: you’re awake now, so now’s the time to do it, Work. That. Ass!

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– No Sugar

I’ve stopped eating refined sugars for 6 days now and I had prepared myself to become the worst person on earth (being irritated and hungry) but that’s actually not the case! Though I must say I didn’t eat refined sugar that much before, but now I’m really avoiding all of the hidden refined sugars. It will be hard when you’re going somewhere with your friends, but for example at a party: you could bring your own healthy snacks, nothing wrong with that.

The reason I’ve wanted to stop eating refined sugar is because I’ve read multiple things about sugar. We all know it’s not the best you could possibly eat, but still we’re eating it, right? When I read that sugar causes allergies, cancer, keeps you hungry, is bad for your teeth, it’s a stepping stone towards Diabetes, causes depression, it’s addictive… I thought: why should I continue eating this?

new year new goals new you
*The sugar cubes on the left were per 100 gram (so 64,7 gram sugar).

So I decided to change my lifestyle. It’s not a diet, a challenge or a weird obsession. It’s about changing my lifestyle. I’m not saying I’ll never eat sugar again, never say never, but I want to give it a try and see where it goes. If my body and skin will change by this new lifestyle. I’ll keep you posted!

– Sun Protection

The last one in this post ” new goals new you ” is sun protection. We all put sun screen on our bodies and faces in Summer, but the Sun isn’t gone after Summer. You should put sunscreen on your face (and body if that’s in the sun too) everyday! The next video is really impressing and has encouraged me to actually do so.

One more thing to complete this new goals new you : Jill Sander came up with a (sweet-flower summer-) fragrance called sun, especially made for sunbathing so it doesn’t irritate your skin!

This has become a really long article, but I hope it was interesting and helpful for you! And keep in mind : New goals new you
Love X Charissa