Happy monday lovely ladies and gents!
Wanna know why being a bitch is great sometimes…….

You’ve clicked on the title, so you want to know why being a bitch is great sometimes.
I’m not talking about being a total ass or like a real… bitch bitch. We have enough of those people already.

Think about the term bitch as a powerful somebody.
…But it isn’t really being a bitch then, is it?

It is!

I hear it so many times: people say they like me for who I am, they think I’m kind, open, myself. And that’s true, I’ll always be like that because that’s just who I am. Sometimes I am way too sensitive and way too smiley. I try to smile at everyone who crosses my path, not even always aware of it. I just do it.

People can also think of that as weak. Let me tell you: it isn’t. But that’s why being a bitch is great sometimes.

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Can she be a bitch sometimes? Yes, I can. When I must, oh believe me, I can.

Don’t confuse kindness with weakness
It’s the unkind people who are weak

I don’t like people who disrespect me, mistreat me, deny my worth. And when that happens, I’m not the sweet smiley girl any more. But people respect you for that. Because it shows them that you’re powerful, that you stand for your own rights and that you say what you should say.

♥ For example: when a company uses my pictures, without me knowing and without tagging me, it’s basically just stealing my photo and pretending like they made it. This happened a little while ago and I mailed them, asking to either tag me or delete it.

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Or what about a company who wants 3 links, 2 Instagram photo’s, 2 shares on Facebook and “maybe” a Youtube video “if you like”. All of that for a t-shirt of 20 euros, or a lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, you should start somewhere. But know your worth and let others know too.

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Last example: guys who don’t (want to) spend time at you. When somebody doesn’t answer your messages, texts you or asks you to go and do something together: he’s not into you. You can think he will change, hope you can be that change, but he will not change.

Why being a bitch is great sometimes? Because it shows you’re powerful, confident and know your own worth.

Why being a bitch is great sometimes